Monday, December 3, 2012

Chewing it Over 

My name is Tony and I’m the subject of a book called ‘SMALL WHITE DOG’ being written about my life-changing friendship with a human called Anthony Rover. 
I am a dog of mixed descent. My mother was a Jack Russell and I’ve always suspected my father was a Chihuahua but my mother wasn’t communicative on the subject if raised by me and my litter siblings. I’d describe myself as a canine philosopher and human coach.
Quite honestly I’m going against one of my strongly held beliefs in writing this blog, which is that too much communication isn’t good for anybody. You humans are compulsive communicators but does it make you happy? 
It’s a request from a human that’s persuaded me to draw attention to myself in this way. Moira, who is writing the fictionalised version of my and Anthony’s story, says it’s necessary.
I’d be very grateful if you’d visit this blog now and again and perhaps post a comment. You don’t have to read my entries – it’s just to make me look as if I’m popular – and I apologise for showing off.
Some favourite things: 
Actor: Martin Clunes
Film:   A Canterbury Tale
Book: Just William by Richmal Crompton 
Food: Custard creams
Thought for the day: 
Never cock your leg in a patch of stinging nettles.


  1. Nice start, Tony. Thanks.

    Moira xx

  2. There's another saying on the nettles subject (It's originally Swedish of course):

    I think the devil's taken over the grass, said Harriet when she peed in the nettles.

    1. Thank you for sharing a little bit of Swedish folklore, Mr Timberman. I like it very much. Getting rid of one's waste product is problematic the world over, it seems.

  3. You're welcome mr. Russel.
    I feel we have a lot in common although I prefer mustard to custard. So does Harriet.
    I wish you a wonderful week.

    Timberman esq.

    1. I am glad we are friends. I like to have friends in different countries so that I can visit and stay in their homes.

      I hope you have a happy weekend.

  4. Bonjour petit Tony .... Welcome to the world of men .... not always frequentable. but I know that you are surrounded by lots of love .... and for all the gold in the world, you don't give your place today....


    1. Je vous remercie de votre visite, M. Dan. Je tiens à vous visiter et de rencontrer vous et votre famille des canidés. Votre jardin est très grand - un bon endroit pour courir et jouer à des jeux.

      J'espère que vous apprécierez votre week-end.

  5. While I must agree with your views on too much communication, I am quite pleased to see that Moira has convinced you to share your thoughts... You can help sort out the fact and fiction!

    1. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog, Ms Kara. I like to listen to your songs because they are honest and tell good stories. Please come back soon.

      Many licks to you.

  6. Welcome to the blogosphere Mr Russell. I have the honour of being acquainted with some of your wisdom already via Ms Waugh, but I look forward to more of your thoughts on the curious relationship between humankind and dogkind.