Friday, February 22, 2013


Rock climbing in Skye
Regular visitors to my blog will know that I am always thinking of ways to cheer up humans. You are a complicated species, naturally prone to discontent, which makes other animals feel very sorry for you. I wake up feeling happy, for instance. Why don't you take a few moments right now to think of a favourite place that isn't too far away and imagine yourself in that place. The next step is simple - drop whatever you're doing and go there!

Walking on the Seven Sisters with Moira
Below is a short extract from the book Moira Waugh's writing about me called SMALL WHITE DOG. She wants me to keep mentioning it all the time.

     “You almost gave me a heart attack doing that, Tony!” He’d jumped up and was sitting beside me. I reached for the switch on the bedside lamp. There was no sign of Bess, of course, and I took out my disappointment on him. “You’ve ruined everything now, you stupid dog! Don’t you ever do that again!”
     His ears lifted and shifted forward as his head tilted to one side and he stared at me, genuinely puzzled and contrite. I covered my face, unable to bear looking into his guileless dark eyes.
     “Sorry, Tony,” I said from behind my hands. “I thought you were Bess. I thought she’d come back.”
     “She can’t come back.”
     “I know that really.” I pressed my fingers into the corners of my eyes to stop myself from crying. “What have you got there?” I asked, uncovering my face.
     Tony was holding something in his mouth. He placed it gently in my lap and I saw it was a highly coloured postcard of the Seven Sisters in East Sussex.
     “I’d like to go to that place tomorrow, please.”
     “Well – but we’ve only just done a trip to the coast, Tony. I was thinking the New Forest might be our next destination. Wouldn’t you like to see some wild horses and pigs and maybe some adders? Plus there’ll be plenty of places to run around and lots of new smells.”
     “I’m not a puppy.”
     “Yes, I know.”
     “I’d like to go to the New Forest but I would prefer to go to this place first. Tomorrow, if possible. We could go by train and look at the passing scenery together. We could eat biscuits.”

I Got You Covered Baby by Calling Sister Midnight in a mix by The.Spirit.Of.Light


  1. I like your style, Mr. T., and am planning a trip to a favourite place very soon. It's not so hard to be happy is it, we just forget 'how' sometimes.
    'Til next week. . . . . .

    1. It's not hard for me to be happy, Mr Mark, and that will be the subject of my next blog post. And it makes me very happy that you keep coming back to my blog and 'talking' to me. Where are you going? Maybe I can come with you?

      With warmest friendship

      Tony Russell

  2. An interesting blog this week, Tony. However, regarding last week's, I'd like to take issue with your assumption that we cats don't understand human languages. Of course we do - how could we not, living with our humans day in and day out? We may not be physically equipped to articulate their speech, but there's nothing to prevent our making use of their lap-tops while they're in the kitchen making cups of tea...Besides which there is always radio and television to help us along. I must say I LOVE my telly evenings! My current favourite is Monday, with an excellent new documentary series all about penguins. You should look out for it, T. Until next week.

    1. Thank you for your input, Anonymous, and for taking the time to visit my blog. I'm beginning to realise that cats are as good at inter-species communication as dogs. I am pleased about this because the more animal voices there are, the less likely we are to be ill-treated by SOME humans. I've also recently come across a kitten who can text ...

      Would you like to eat the penguins or do you find them interesting from an objective point of view.

      Kind regards

      Tony Russell

  3. Enjoyed the extract from the book very much. There's such a nice tone in it.
    I just got back from my favourite city in my country apart from the city where I live right now. It was a nice trip. I would even consider moving there if it wasn't so close to Denmark. And we all know what Denmark's like...

  4. You are absolutely right. Precious video. You're a great turner. I love reading parts from the novel! Thank you for allowing Moira to share on your wonderful blog!!