Friday, April 19, 2013

Sniffing the jasmine
Although I don’t find it hard to enjoy life [as regular readers of my blog know] even I struggle sometimes after empathising with a human client or watching the news.

A strategy I use to promote happier feelings is to find small events to celebrate regularly and each event has its own activities and memories to bring pleasure once more.

Jacaranda blossom and Spanish Moss -
it's a bit like a ballet costume
If you can’t think of anything immediately, the four seasons of the year are a good place to start. Moira, who is writing a novel about me called SMALL WHITE DOG, used to have a different mug for every season and really looked forward to using each one in turn. [I think her life must have been quite empty at that time.]

Thinking about blossom
My own favourite aspects of Spring are having days outside after a long winter and feeling the softness of fallen blossom under my paws.

Bill would spin any yarn to keep the girls talking
I like re-reading books I first read in springtime, such as ‘Mystery at St Mawe’s’ by Dorothy Dennison, an exciting school story with illustrations!

Happy memories are often associated with music and I'm a fan of Blossom Dearie.

And even happier ones are associated with springtime food! These little pink cupcakes look yummydoodle!

This photograph of Monkey has been arranged by someone. Monkey isn't real and therefore it would be impossible for him to enjoy anything about springtime or have his own sunhat. I'm getting quite annoyed that he keeps muscling in on my blog.


  1. I love Monkey's hastily fashioned brown paper bag Spring bonnet. He's obviously following your advice about getting in the spirit & enjoying life more. And the smell of those jasmine blooms. . . wonderful!

    1. Hello, Mr Mark. Whilst I agree that someone has set up Monkey quite well, nestling him into the jasmine and giving him a sunhat, he is only my interestingly smelly toy at the end of the day. But I'm always pleased to know that you're continuing to follow my blog and enjoy it!

      Your true friend

      Tony Russell

  2. Yes, I really like Monkey's hat too. I think I might have a go at making one for myself. We've got some lovely white plum blossom in bloom in our back garden here. Today the weather in London is fresh and sunshiny, and I'm having a great afternoon tip-toing through the tulips with my rather annoying little colleague, Pea-Wee Pearl.

    Enjoy your spring Saturday, SWD. By the way, did you manage to sneak a bite of birthday cheesecake yesterday? I'm a bit of a fan of that stuff. Luckily, Pea-Wee doesn't have a sweet tooth, so there's always more for me!

    Cheers! KK.

    1. Hello, my feline friend. It's good that you are able to take advantage of all the pleasures of a springtime garden, even when accompanied by a less than welcome companion. I have encountered Ms PP myself and she can be quite challenging.

      I did get included in the birthday cheesecake fest and chose a quadruple-chocolate-extra-double-dairy-cream-'n'-cookies-caramel-syrup-super-special and finished every scrap! I can still taste it in my beard, actually.

      Thanks for popping by, Mr KK.

      Your canine friend

      Tony Russell

  3. Very witty and fun blog entry! We have this spot above our sink in the kitchen where we switch out plates on display... many are seasonal. I just put the winter penguin away and exchanged it for a spring-ish pink one. Excellent advice as usual. I love the photo of you and the blossoms!

    1. Hello, dear Ms Kara! I must say I think your home sounds fun and creative. May I come and stay with you for a couple of nights sometime? I would love to see a picture of your seasonal plates, especially the winter penguin.

      Thanks for being so loyal to my blog. I hope you have a very happy, creative week.

      Your good friend

      Tony Russell