Friday, April 5, 2013

Did a 'friend' tell the hotel owner that
contrasting patterns would brighten up this room?
You may be surprised by my subject this week: Beware Others’ Advice. I expect it seems contradictory. After all, I give advice every week in my blog! But my philosophies and strategies have evolved over years of careful observation of humans and deep reflection on the human condition. I don’t have ulterior motives, unlike those humans who enjoy careless meddling, usually because they are frustrated in their own lives.

When offered advice (from non-professionals), weigh it carefully and ask yourself some questions before acting on it:

Always follow your heart! If it's telling you to give up paediatrics and do music theatre instead, then do it!’ In other words, make a rash decision that is unlikely to turn out well. No one ever says, ‘If you hate being in musicals, follow your heart and do dentistry.’ I believe that happiness is the best goal in life, but would you be happy ending a long career in singing and dancing with an empty purse and a tattered dream? Use your common sense when making decisions about the rest of your life.

Did a 'friend' tell this girl she needed more personality?

Why not change your hair/make-up/clothes/personality? You’d be so much better.’ Such advice isn’t intended to help you; it’s intended to make the speaker feel superior and better about her or himself. Don’t feel squashed. Take a moment to study your ‘counsellor’. What’s their hair like? Do you like their outfit? Do orange cheeks and green eyeshadow really work for them? Do you admire their personality?

All humans need their ambitions and dreams but remember you know best how to balance them. Listen to your mind and heart and follow your own advice. Be sure to make your future safe and happy!

Did a 'friend' tell the the human males that females would be attracted to them
in these costumes?
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  1. Dear Tony, I do think those contrasting patterns are quite lovely.

    1. Hello, Mr T. Well I must say I'm surprised. Perhaps you are tired of the clean, stylishly simple decor and clear light that the rest of the world associates with Swedish interiors? I prefer that myself to damp, patterned carpeting that smells of gravy. But that's enough about Moira's house.

      Thank you, as always, for taking the time to visit my blog.

      With deep affection

      Tony Russell

  2. Excellent advice this week as always, Tony. Enjoyed your blog and the lovely music of Dan-T. 'Til next time!

    1. Thank you very much, Mr Mark. M. Dan's signature style is beauty and magic and no one does it better, so I'm glad you appreciate it too.

      I'm glad, also, that you derived some practical use from my advice.

      With affectionate friendship

  3. Advice to follow one's own advice... THAT'S some solid advice! ;)

    1. Hello, Ms Kara! It is pretty solid, as you say. I think that most of the time we know deep down what is the best course of action for ourselves; it's just that sometimes we need a professional or wise friend to help us to unearth our own feelings.

      With love and friendship

      Tony Russell