Friday, July 12, 2013


Taking a walk with my best friend,
Anthony Woodgate
Mind the Gap is the message played on the London Underground when you're leaving the train and you can follow the link [in the title above] to hear it for yourselves.

It's also a way of telling you that this will be my last blog post for some time although, of course, I will let you know when Moira's and my novel, SMALL WHITE DOG, is accepted by a top literary agent. More of that in a moment.

First, I'll return to the subject of my last post [28th June]. Here are my recommendations for handling the situation:

You didn't bring Monkey, did you?
  • step away from it. Tell the receptionist you can't wait any longer and will call to reschedule an appointment; OR [my personal choice]
  • make a stand. Take up a position where you are visible to your stylist and his clients. Maintain a taut stance and low growling for about a minute, then walk away in a dignified manner and return to the sofa in the reception area. Sit on the sofa and stare fixedly at the stylist and his selfish clients until they get the message. Repeat as necessary.
You can employ these strategies in many different situations.

Back to the subject of my and Moira's proposed sabbatical - I'm very excited about the prospect! Moira has come up with a new idea for a novel and she has invited me to collaborate with her again. 

With Moira in Hampshire
This will be an interesting experience for me, as I won't be featuring in the story and I will have to use my imagination this time. However, Moira believes that my insights into human behaviour will, once again, prove invaluable and we will be retreating to my country house in Hampshire to begin work next month.

I knew it. Monkey!
I hope you all have a very happy time over these summer months. If you are thinking about good reads to take away on holiday, I recommend Broken by Daniel Clay and any of the Jim Stringer Mysteries by Andrew Martin. And SMALL WHITE DOG when it's published!


Pieces of Manderley by Loveshadow (feat Reblaw27)



  1. Your words of wisdom will be much missed.
    Have a good break!


  2. Will you be taking monkey with you, on your retreat? I shall miss both of you - and Moira. Loving the book, so very much looking forward to the next one.

    Keep it real, KK.

  3. I can't wait to learn more about the next novel! I will miss your posts, Tony, but I am very happy to hear that you two are taking time in Hampshire to write! I wish you and Moira the absolute best!

  4. T & M, I've enjoyed your blog a great deal. I prefer to think of you both not of being gone, but rather just away for a while. Best of luck in the literary realm. 'Til then. . . . . .

  5. Bonjour Tony ....

    A small "digression" on your previous post:
    "Still, money does not give any rights .... but alas sometimes, used to enslave".

    Forgive me, probably my side "revolutionary" and of "equality", which emerges .... without doubt since we are on the eve of our national holiday commemorating the French Revolution, and the storming of the Bastille ....

    Getting back to this present post, a passage in old Europe is planned by Moira soon?
    The County "Hampshire" must be a place blessed, for authors because, this is not the favorite place of the writer "Jane Austen"?
    I hope and wish that Moira will be as successful for the next publication, as for his the new project ....

    I trust you, my dear Tony, for support in this heavy task ahead.

    Good luck and all my best wishes to you three ....

    Dan ....

    PS: I note that a priori cats are not a particular problem for you and that cohabitation is going well .... so no problem if you go through here, although you are overwhelmed with 9 cats. Vicky, Dipsy and Choco will support you in case of failure ....

  6. Hey, I can’t find an email address. Can you email me back to ask you a question?