Sunday, September 15, 2013

a Small White Dog special!

Hello everyone - I’m back ‘on the blog’ with a SWD special post to celebrate the end of a fine summer and the beginning of autumn, my favourite season.

Just recently I’ve been staying with friends Mark and Moira in Florida and two things occurred to mar my usual enjoyment. The first was a slight buzzing in my ears, which had me wondering if I’d developed tinnitus; the second was the discovery of tiny wings scattered in the utility room. Could they belong to dead fairies?

Luckily it turned out that my hosts’ house was riddled with termites. I suggested that they treat their compulsory, three-day evacuation from their home as a mini-holiday rather than a disaster. But where to go?

Immediately I thought of my friend Randy down at The Lorelei Resort on Treasure Island and that’s just where we headed for sea, sun, breakfasts out, tranquillity and starry nights. If you find yourself in this part of Fla., you couldn’t hope for a better, value-for-money stay than at The Lorelei. You can see how we spent our mini-break below:

I'll be back with another Special Update soon. Meanwhile, Happy Autumn!

Song of the Season

Recipe of the Season
Peach & Raspberry Crisp
Photo: Melanie Acevedo

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  1. Hi Tony,
    Great to hear from you again, been missing you.
    The slideshow is excellent. The whole tone of it is so relaxed and carefree and the pictures are truly beautiful. Makes me long for different latitudes and maybe I should book a few weeks at the Lorelei resort. Did they serve colorful cocktails with fruits and stuff? That's what I want when I'm on vacation, you see.

    And what a nice contrast it must have been to the termite degassing (or however it's done), you and your friends escaped. I must admit I have limited knowledge about termites. They're not nice at all, are they?
    Still, poor souls, you should be glad you're not a Buddhist.

    I'm quite familiar with 'Too depressed for the Ukulele' by now. It's one of the catchiest songs I've heard in ages and all of you who contributed did a smashing job with it. You all should be really proud of it, it's sensational!

    Take good care until next time and say hello to M & M from me.

    1. Hello, Mr T! You always leave such positive and interesting comments on my blog. Thank you very much for that. The Lorelei doesn't cater to those of us who enjoy exotic bevvies but there are plenty of places on Treasure Island that do - usually with live music too. When you come over, we can trot over to the beach and order something turquoise with a cocktail umbrella!

      I don't have a personal quarrel with termites - live and let live, I say - but they should buy a house of their own instead of infesting other people's.

      Until next time ... with affection and friendship

      Tony Russell

  2. Wonderful update! Like Timberman, I've missed you! I love your slideshow presentations. It was brilliant to suggest a mini-holiday response to the termite situation. It looks like everyone had a relaxing time soaking in the ocean air!

    And, of course, thank you for kindly sharing my little musical project. I was absolutely delighted to include Moira's beautiful voice and creative additions in the mix. (Thank you for the super-kind words, Timberman!)

    1. Hello, Ms Kara. As far as 'Too Depressed for the Ukulele' goes - well I just had to include that on my blog! I love it very much and I've had several comments from friends saying they love it too.

      Yes, we had a fine time at The Lorelei and my favourite thing was the swing-seat outside Moira and Mark's room. I spent many happy hours on that with the sea breeze lightly swaying me back and forth. I might invest in one of those for my own garden.

      Thank you for being a very loyal blog follower. See you soon.

      Your best friend (one of them, anyway)

      Tony Russell

  3. If I were a doctor I'd prescribe three days at the beach for every patient. No exceptions. The sun and water and Gulf breeze are the universal antidote for what ever ails you. Enjoyed the slide show. Keep your tail up!

  4. Hello, Mr B. Yes, any time spent by the sea - even in the wind and rain - can be special and particularly invigorating. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. We must do breakfast again soon at Screwie Lewie's!

    Your friend and co-beach bum

    Tony Russell