Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Bored by an onion & goat's cheese tartlet
I promised in my last post that I would tackle two of the foremost issues for humans: Love and Mating. But I’ve changed my mind! (I will be coming back to the subject soon.) 

Surely the topic which takes the No 1 spot with both our species is … FOOD.

I decided it would be fun to write some food-related reviews, particularly as I've recently been home to the UK. 

Imagine my delight when in mid-August I was invited to a birthday lunch at Babylon in Kensington High Street. Unfortunately, there were disappointments in store for our party. 

Thinking about the future of human existence with Mr Alan
The first came when we were told, less than a week before our booking, that we would not be allowed in the gardens because they were being used for a wedding. Naturally, we had all been particularly excited about seeing the roof gardens and thought that since we were barred from this key component of our Babylon experience, a discount might have been offered. It wasn't.

The second disappointment was that we only had our table for two hours and then it would be needed for a later booking. In fact, we weren’t moved from our table - but understandably we were less relaxed than we might have been had we known this. 

Ms Tina and I wondering if tomatoes constitute a main meal
The third disappointment was a choice of only two mains for vegetarians – a risotto and a dish that was mainly about tomatoes. Both were tasty, I was told, but the general consensus among us was that these vegetarian options were weedy and unoriginal, although at least the clich├ęd onion and goat’s cheese tartlet didn’t dare show its face!

We had a nice time anyway 
We had a very nice time, all the same, and the views from the restaurant are lovely - but since Babylon does sell itself as something rather special, we felt it had fallen short on this occasion.

Have you been to Babylon? I'd love to hear about your experience.

Favourite Recipe - Spoon Bread Souffle

Also known as cornbread souffle


  1. Excellent review and photos. What a shame that you didn't get to frolic on the roof top gardens! BOO! It does look like you and your lovely party managed to have a nice time. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  2. Thank you, Ms Kara. You are my staunch follower! The next review will be much more positive, I'm pleased to say.

    With affectionate friendship

    Tony Russell