Saturday, November 15, 2014

 Are you a RULE BREAKER - 
and PROUD of it?

Do you slavishly follow instructions from
someone wearing a white coat?
This morning, with my first hot chocolate of the day, I watched an episode of Dr Phil. It was about a psychologist being given free rein to investigate people's rooms and then follow up with an interpretation of their personality type. 

Dr Phil's wife Robin was described as a ‘rule breaker’ and I was struck by how proud she appeared to be of the label.

There are two sides to any character trait. For instance, on the positive side, the rule breaker is unlikely to administer painful electric shocks to innocent humans simply because someone in a white coat has told him or her to do so. 

Do you automatically challenge rules?
However, on the other hand, the rule breaker, when presented with a rule or instruction, or even the details of a social arrangement amongst family and friends, will automatically challenge it and fight to change the goal posts to gain control.

Without the rule breaker’s drive to defy convention, question authority, challenge beliefs and imagine possibilities beyond learnt knowledge, there would be no progress. 

But on a day-to-day basis, he or she could be seen by others as a selfish child who always wants to get their own way!

Do you mess up others' agendas just for the fun of it?

Rule breakers might give these points some thought:
  • That it might be worth following a rule to see what it feels like.
  • That non-rule breakers might simply be displaying better manners and more concern for others’ feelings than you are.
  • That you might be messing up someone else’s agenda just because it isn’t yours?

Look out for my next blog. I’ll be posing the question: Are you KIND-HEARTED or a bit of a WEED?



  1. I fancy myself a rule follower for the most part. However, I break rules when they go against my morals. I also readily break them with music. I can't seem to stick to a genre that isn't a fusion of some sort.

    I often get frustrated with rampant rule breakers. Your analysis perfectly explains why! Thanks for the thought-candy! I'm looking forward to finding out if I'm a bit of a weed!

  2. Thank you for reading my latest post and making very interesting, honest comments, Ms Kara. In my opinion, breaking rules in music makes it much more interesting and doesn't hurt anyone's feelings! And I know you are most certainly not a weed!

    With warmest affection and friendship

    Tony Russell